Feltham AnnaPlease give a BIG Thunderbird Welcome for our new District Executive, Anna Feltham who joined us on January 2nd.

Greetings everyone,

It was some very busy first couple months with the Three Fires Council. I am still learning as I go, and I appreciate all the support I received from the wonderful volunteers of Thunderbird. You are the life of this organization. Thank you!

Currently, we are amid an exciting time for Scouting. The program is welcoming girls, which means we can impact the lives of more youth with our program. Additionally, improvements are being made to Camp Freeland Leslie & Camp Big Timber, and we have a new Scout Executive. Clint Scharff, our new CEO, officially joined us on March 1st. He is diligently working to get up to speed with the Council, and we should all be excited about what he will bring to the table. If you have not had the chance to meet him, please drop by the office to say hello.

Finally, as Summer approaches, I look forward to seeing all of you at Camp. Let’s go out and do something great for Scouting!

Anna Feltham  |  Thunderbird District Executive


Three Fires Council