Leave No Trace logoThere is much confusion surrounding the role out of outdoor ethics as the umbrella term for these issues in the BSA. Here is a quick, succinct summary of where the BSA is going.

Outdoor Ethics in the umbrella term for how a Scout relates to the outdoors. Scouting's statement of Outdoor Ethics is the Outdoor Code. The Outdoor Code is further supported by the principles and skills of Leave No Trace and the Land Ethic, and supplemented by the principles and skills of Tread Lightly! as needed.

Tread Lightly! TrainerAn Outdoor Ethics Master is a Leave No Trace Master Educator or a Master Tread Trainer. An Outdoor Ethics Trainer is a Leave No Trace Trainer or Tread Trainer. An "outdoor ethics trained individual" is any of those plus any individual approved by the council outdoor ethics advocate. Thus, anyone who is trained as a Master Educator or Trainer under the Leave No Trace program, or as a Master Tread Trainer or Tread Trainer under the Tread Lightly! program, or has completed the BSA Leave No Trace 101 course and has a Leave No Trace Awareness card, is qualified to "facilitate” the activities required for the outdoor ethics awareness award.

LNT LogoPlease access the numerous teaching and facilitation aids available at thewww.scouting.org site, and Outdoor Ethics Training in the BSA Resources

More Outdoor Ethics Resources - Includes numerous resources for individuals interested in outdoor ethics issues.

 Outdoor Ethics Awards

Guided by the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace, millions of Scouts have enhanced their awareness of the natural world around them, minimizing impact to the land. For Scouts who have a deep interest in the outdoors, nature, and the environment, Scouting’s outdoor ethics will give you an ever-deeper appreciation of the richness of the land and how we fit into it. If you are prepared to venture down the path of really becoming aware of your surroundings, of building the skills that will allow you to leave no trace on the land, then the Outdoor Ethics Awareness and Action Awards are for you.

Leave No Trace logoBSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course


Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly! Trainer Course

 Tread Lightly!®’s Tread Trainer™ course is an 8 hour course designed to provide a “crash course” on outdoor ethics focusing on motorized and mechanized recreation on both land and water. 

Participation in the course qualifies individuals to present the Tread Lightly! message. Participants will work with Master Trainers on understanding the role outdoor ethics play in the recreation community, learn the Tread Lightly! principles of responsible recreation, and be provided with the tools to conduct workshops and coordinate community outreach.

Tread Lightly!Tread Lightly! is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship. Tread Lightly’s goal is to balance the needs of the people who enjoy outdoor recreation with our need to maintain a healthy environment. Tread Lightly! is a Scouting partner. Tread Lightly! Website