Here is a list of packs in Thunderbird District. Click on the pack number to visit their website. Click on the Commissioner name to contact them. If you find a link that has changed, please let us know. Thanks!

Thunderbird District Commissioner

66 Highlands Home & School Assn Naperville Friday Open
70 Naper Home & School Assn Naperville Wednesday Open
87 Kingsley Home & School Assn Naperville Monday Ed Hedborn
89 St Joan of Arc Catholic Church Lisle Thursday Paul Solak
99 Ellsworth Home & School Assn Naperville Thursday Open
104 Woodridge United Methodist Church Woodridge Friday Open
105 Knox Presbyterian Church Naperville Thursday Michael Rynes
108 Faith United Methodist Church Lisle Friday Ed Hedborn
169 LDS Church - Woodridge 2nd Ward, Joliet Stake Woodridge Wednesday Dan Weisler
198 LDS Church - 4th Ward, Naperville Stake Naperville   Dan Weisler
203 LDS Church - 6th Ward, Naperville Stake Naperville   Dan Weisler
362 LDS Church - 1st Ward, Naperville Stake Naperville Thursday Dan Weisler
367 LDS Church - Woodridge 1st Ward, Naperville Stake Woodridge Tuesday Dan Weisler
444 Meadow Glens Home & School Assn. Naperville Tuesday Laurette Solak
503 Prairie Home & School Assn. Naperville Thursday Open
504 Steeple Run Home & School Assn. Naperville Wednesday Jim Marseille
506 Knights Of Columbus Council #1369 (St Peter & Paul) Naperville Friday Steve Purduski
507 St Margaret Mary Catholic Church Naperville Thursday  Jim Marseille
511 Goodrich School-GSO Woodridge Friday

Ed Hedborn

512 St Scholastica Catholic Church Woodridge Wednesday Ed Hedborn
513 Maplebrook Home & School Assn. Naperville Monday Paul Solak
562 Mill Street Home & School Assn Naperville Tuesday Steve Purduski
565 Scott Home & School Assn. Naperville Thursday Open
567 Beebe Home & School Assn. Naperville Thursday Paul Solak
5556 Concerned Citizens of Riverwoods School Naperville Thursday Open